Saturday, November 01, 2008

Tybee 9/25 -26

I had a wonderful weekend on the Georgia Coast Sept. 25-26. Stayed at The Outdoor Inn as always, and paddled with Nigel and Kristin at Savannah Canoe & Kayak. Saturday, Nigel guided at trip to Wassaw Island NWR. We left from Priest's Landing at Skidaway Island (map below).

We landed on the beach and then hiked though the forest. Here are Nigel and Cindy on the beach.

This is what remains of Ft. Morgan, built in 1898 during the Spanish-American War.

A shrimp boat off the coast. On the paddle out, we saw dolphins playing in the bow wake or a similar boat.

Much of the day Saturday was kind of overcast, until the very end of the paddle when the sunshine lit up the Atlantic so that it sparkled.

Sunday dawned bright and beautiful, and I met Nigel and Kritin at Tybee Beach for a surf class. Here's the sunrise.

There are no more photos because I was very intent on learning (and also spent much of the time either in the water or climbing back on the sit-on-top kayak after wiping out), but I had a lot of fun and am hopeful that it will translate to being more confident in waves. I was very lucky to have such personal attention, including a private rolling analysis (do it faster and try the sweep roll.) Nigel and Kristin are great teachers -- knowledgeable, patient, and fun. It was a perfect weekend.


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