Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas 2007

We had a very good Christmas. Bucky and Bryn ushered it in by not cooperating for their Christmas picture, but that was okay. Here's a shot of them heading home after we gave up.

Christmas morning dawned and it appeared that Santa came once again.

Nicholas seems to like his new robe and hat.

Christopher is plotting some appropriate use for the fireworks Santa left for him.

The boys relax after a tiring morn of opening gifts.

Santa brought Bryn a little something, even though he hasn't been a very good boy lately.

And here's the annual Christmas dinner shot. Oh, my, am I the only one who isn't being silly?

I went over to St. George New Year's Eve eve and paddled with Georgia, her mother, and her aunt. I didn't get any photos that day, but on New Year's Day I went out on the Wakulla. The only wildlife I saw, however, were our neighbors Ronny and Diane.

Happy New Year!


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