Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sweetwater Kayak Symposium: 2/22-24

I spent the weekend in St. Petersburg at the Sweetwater Kayak Symposium. I took the following classes:

Core Paddling: Ben Lawry
Fun with Foster: Nigel & Kristin Foster
Rolling: Ben Lawry
3 Star Assessment: Andy Stamp

The campsite at Ft. Desoto Park was beautiful. I was supposed to be sharing the site with someone named Rudyard Curry but he never showed so I had it all to myself.

Pretty nice, huh?

Core paddling is the same class I took with Ben in October, but I got a lot more out of it this time. Fun with Foster really was. He is very funny and a great teacher. That's Nigel in the blue shirt with his hands in an exasperated gesture. His wife, Kristin, wearing a red hat is talking to the other group.
I actually rolled several times on my own at the end of the rolling class -- at least Ben said I did, but I'm not sure I believe him. I didn't pass the 3 Star assessment, but I know what I need to know if I try it again.
The evening presentations were great -- one by Leon Somme and Shawna Franklin about their trip around the Haida Gwaii and another by Russell Farrow and one of the other fellows going on the "Vacation to Hell" this summer.
I had a good time, and I learned a lot, and even though I was disappointed in myself that I wasn't prepared for the 3 Star assessment, it will be worth that much more to me if I ever do pass.


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