Monday, May 31, 2010

Alabama Chanin Weekend Workshop

I drove to Florence, Alabama May 21, to attend the Weekend Workshop. Here are some photos inside the studio. There are racks and racks of beautiful garments, but the photographs can't convey the feeling of being surrounded by them. We met and decided what we were going to make on Friday evening. We were able to choose from any of the designs on the rack below. After trying on the dress I selected in order to get the fit right, I had to decide what color I would like to make it in. 
We were able to select from the many shelves of fabric around the back of the factory. All of the fabrics are organically grown and dyed in the U.S.
On Saturday I got there early to watch master seamstress, Diane Hall, cut out everyone's designs, and talk with Steven Smith while he airbrushed the various pieces. 
Below is the table where we worked. You can see Diane (standing on the right) working with Gina, the woman whose skirt won the Burda sewing contest. At the end of the table are Sarah and June, both of whom also work with Natalie.
Here is one from the other end of the worktable. On the left is Helena, who came from Mexico to attend the workshop.

Here's a group picture taken on Sunday morning.
Since I've been home I have thought of a million questions I wish I had asked Natalie and Diane and Steven, but I will just have to make do with my memories and photographs. 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A lawyer in the family

Christopher graduated from the College of Law at Barry University on Saturday. We are very proud of him. Here he is with Marie at the convention center after the ceremony. 

And with us.

And in his new shades with his dad.

It was a great day. You can see how happy everyone is. We met Marie's parents for the first time Friday night. We all had a wonderful dinner at the Yellow Dog Cafe on the intercoastal waterway. Saturday after graduation we all went to a Lebanese restaurant where they shepherded us through the menu and helped us order a delicious lunch. 

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Here's who I paddled with today. Very friendly group of 5 manatees. 
This is where I live.