Saturday, January 30, 2010

Home, and away, for the Holidays

We had a lovely Christmas at home, with Christopher and Marie coming for the whole week, and Nicholas staying over on Christmas eve and Christmas (so that Santa could find him). We went to church at midnight, an event for which I may be very close to too old, and opened presents in the morning. 

Lisa and John called around noon, then we got serious about fixing a big Christmas dinner. Nicholas' friend Caitlyn joined us for dinner, and afterwards we started to watch Inglorious Basterds (something sentimental for the holiday).  I fell asleep in my chair almost immediately after it began, which says more about me than the movie. I watched it the next day and loved it.
It was great to have Christopher and Marie at home for the week, then on Thursday we all drove to New Orleans for New Years and the Sugar Bowl. I took a bunch of video, but I have yet to edit it, so for now these photos will have to do.

We stayed at the Chateau Bourbon on Iberville.

There were a lot of Bearcats and Gators everywhere we went. 

We went in a really cool "autograph shop" that allowed me to take two pictures, so I got these for Lisa. 

There's so much to see just walking around the French Quarter.

And, of course, there's the food! Here's a view of the French Market.

And a photo of my breakfast one morning. See the crawfish in that remoulade? The stuff of dreams.

On our last night we took the St. Charles line up past Loyola and Tulane to dinner at Jacques-Imo's. Dinner wasn't great but the company was. I think everyone had a good vacation.


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