Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2009 Family Vacation

This year we went to Tybee Island for a week -- all of us -- Christopher and Marie, Nicholas, Bucky, Bryn, and Don. The weather was...well, awful. We arrived in a terrible rainstorm, but that's not unusual, then it got cold, windy, and continued raining for the next couple days. It did warm up into the 70s, and the wind died down, but it never really stopped raining.

However, we still had a good time, and the time went by way too quickly. Christopher and Marie went to Savannah several times, once for a cooking class and once to do a "foody" tour. Very cool, as Marie pronounced them both. Donny worked a lot. I had lunch in Savannah with Kristin, and she and I went paddling on Thursday to Little Tybee. Nicholas played a lot of Grand Theft Auto, ate a ton of shellfish, and pronouced the stromboli at Cousin Vinnies "the best."

We stayed in one of Diane Kaufman's Mermaid Cottages, a beautiful old house that we all just loved.

Here's a collage of the Tybee Turtles (Hey! Is that Johnny Depp?).

For more photos, go here.


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