Sunday, May 14, 2006

No manatees for me

I took my small kayak out this morning with the single-minded goal of seeing a manatee. Apparently I am the only person in North Florida who hasn't seen one yet this year. And what did I see? Pretty much everything but a manatee.

Lots of turtles.
A fisherman with a mullet he caught on a hook, no less. Goldenrod. Wild roses. Two Spider Lilies (tucked in the back right) that survived the heavy rains of the past week. A Yellow-Crowned Night Heron. (The stripes on his face are bright yellow, which means it's mating season, but the color doesn't show up well in this picture. He also has two long plumes on his nape. I kept asking him to give me a full profile, but you know how Yellow-Crowned Night Herons can be.) A Tiger Swallowtail. A moccasin ("Caution," my Audubon book says, "bites readily." Good tip.)

And a curious Gator,...
who lead me home.


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