Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas 2005 @ Swamp Cottage

Christmas morning was beautiful so I took my boat out and paddled while the boys slept. DY went to his mother's so it was just the three of us for pancakes and then presents!
Looks like Santa came!
The boys seem to think that their dashboard hula girls are...interesting. Nicholas went all out and dressed up in his 12-year-old Camp Cherry Lake t-shirt and Space Camp shorts. Very impressive.
Santa brought the boys each Gator sweatshirts. With a bit of luck perhaps at least one of Christopher's teams will win a bowl game (the UCF Golden Knights lost in overtime). Nicholas is sure that this outfit will be a big hit when he goes to FSU.
Christmas Dinner Table. Of course, this is no big deal. We eat like this every night.
The Yule Log.


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